Important Painting Reminder

Hello everyone

Just a quick reminder that the pressure cleaning and painting is going to start tomorrow morning 8:30 AM they’re gonna start with unit one and work their way down

There will be a lot of water involved in pressure cleaning please make sure all your doors and windows are shut and locked

This is your final reminder to move everything in off of your fourth floor patio and your balconies and or anything that is hanging on the walls needs to be removed if there are any large items that you feel you cannot remove from the patios      Please put it into the middle so as to be away from the walls

Remember if you leave any item out on the balcony it is your responsibility and your choice  to secure and protect it  —–   The paint company will not be responsible for any damage to items that you leave outside——

The pressure cleaning will be Monday (03/13/2017) and Tuesday (03/14/2017) on the  entire two buildings plus the driveway will be done as well so you may be asked to move your car around

After cleaning they will begin the painting by spraying on the first coat  they will start with the  4th floor deck areas so that we can put our patio furniture back out as quickly as possible hopefully this will be complete by Thursday and you’ll be able to put your items back on the decks after that

Also keep in mind that the first coat of paint is a spray coat and overspray —can happen —it might be advisable to park your car in the parking lot on 26 street if it’s not in your garage just to keep from getting overspray on it

We hope this will go smooth for everyone and if there’s any questions please give me a call 954-648-0503 as I will be in contact with the painters every day

Thank you,


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